Become a Member:

Joining Whispering Wood Golf Club has many advantages for both golf lovers and beginners. As a member, you get to play on a high-quality golf course known for its great design. It's a fun challenge for players at any skill level.

But Whispering Wood Golf Club isn't just about golf. It's a social hub where members can meet new people and network. The club hosts events and tournaments that are not only fun but also a way to make friends in a relaxed setting.

Members also have access to top-notch facilities. These include the clubhouse, pro shop, and practice areas. The club always keeps these places in great shape for members to enjoy.

There are also options for professional training. If you're a seasoned player wanting to get better, or a newbie wanting to learn, the club has PGA professionals to help you. This focus on helping members improve is another thing that makes the club special.

Joining Whispering Wood Golf Club isn't just about playing golf. It's about joining a community of people who love the sport and enjoy the lifestyle that comes with it.

Membership Pricing:

Single Membership: $1,800.00

Senior Membership: $1,500.00

Walking Membership $1,000.00

Junior Membership: $500.00